Memorial Trees

English Oak

Illustration of English Oak Tree
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(Not available at St Josephs Thornton, Red Squirrel Protected Area)

Mountain Ash (Rowan)

Illustration of Mountain Ash Tree
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Silver Birch

Illustration of Silver Birch Tree
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Scots Pine

Illustration of Scots Pine Tree
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  • Min. Donation £695
  • Min. Donation (Dovestone Indian's Head Memorial Forest)£695

The Memorial Trees that we plant have a full heath check before planting together with a full history record and must be at least 2 metres high. All trees are container grown. The four species of trees planted are trees which are indigenous to the United Kingdom.

All trees are a minimum donation of £695.00; this donation includes one of our standard green plastic plaques, the interment of one set of ashes, a certificate of plantation and an inscription into a Book of Remembrance.

Reserve Plots

The success of the charity to date is mainly contributed by word of mouth from our clients, due to the limited availability on our Memorial Forest many people are reserving memorial tree for themselves in the future.

When a client reserves a memorial tree we will arrange a date for the tree to be planted. The tree is planted so that no plot can be lost over time and the tree can establish itself in the ground. In the future ashes can be interned in to ground to the side of the tree.

When a client reserves a plot in one of our Memorial Forests we can send out a ‘letter of wishes’ form that can be passed on to the executor of the estate. This form will have all the details they will need in the future to deal with your wishes.

For further information regarding reserving a plot in one of our Memorial Forest please contact our head office on 0161 624 2299.

Memorial Benches

Photo of a Memorial Bench


  • Material Wood
  • Guarantee 6 years
  • Min. Donation £695
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The woodland memorial bench adds to the value of the planting sites for all visitors. The benches are set in concrete with the posts set a minimum of 1m depth, on top of compacted hardcore. The seat is guaranteed for 6 years and tanalised (not painted) for extra longevity.

(Limited availability, please contact us for availability)

Picnic Tables

Photo of a Picnic Table


  • Material Wood
  • Guarantee 6 years
  • Min. Donation £695
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The picnic table is manufactured to a high standard, using good quality materials, and complying to the relevant safety standards. A special four layer protective coating affords the maximum protection against the weather.

(Limited availability, please contact us for availability)

Extras and Upgrades

All extras and upgrades are available for existing sites.

Upgraded Plaque Designs

Photo of a Green Plaque

Standard Plaque

  • Material Plastic
  • Min. Donation Included
  • Guarantee 5 years
Photo of a Brass Plaque

Upgrade Plaque

  • Material Gold Effect
  • Min. Donation £75
  • Guarantee 7 years
Photo of a Stainless Steel Plaque

Upgrade Plaque

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Min. Donation £95
  • Guarantee 7 years

There are two types of memorial plaque available to clients:

Standard Plaque

The standard plaque is weatherproof, tough and durable; it features your chosen inscription in white lettering on a green background. It is included free of charge with any memorial tree, memorial bench, or picnic table.

Upgrade Plaques

A distinctive alternative plaque has now been designed. The plaque's brass coloured, anodised aluminium centrepiece measuring 11.5cm x 16cm is inlaid into a specially designed plinth measuring 14cm x 19cm (all measurements are approximate). The plinth is produced from a special polymer, making it long lasting and extremely durable against all types of weather conditions. With this in mind, a guarantee of five (5) years is given with this item.

The plaque centrepiece is also available in stainless steel for increased durability. This is offered at a minimum donation of £90.00.

This new style of memorial plaque replaces the original brass plaque previously detailed/illustrated in the charity's literature. It is the policy of the organisation to continually seek and develop new and durable products that benefit clients and add to the quality image of the services offered by the charity.

An additional donation of not less than £75.00 is required for the distinctive plaque, and an additional donation of not less than £95.00 is required for the distinctive plaque with the stainless steel centre piece.

Book of Rememberance

Book of Remembrance

Every Memorial Tree that is planted in one of our Memorial Forests is recorded and will appear in one of our beautiful leather bound ‘Books of Remembrance’.

To reduce the Charity’s costs we have re-located most of the ‘Books of Remembrances’ to the ‘Life for a Life’ Head office in Chadderton. Copies of the books have been produced for memorial Trees that have previously been planted and will be available to be viewed at the original location i.e. Bolton Hospice etc. (Please note that the copies will NOT be updated)

All future entries will be entered into the original “Books of Remembrance” which are now located and on display at the ‘Life for a Life’ Head Office situated at the Woodland Suite, Chadderton Court, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9LB. You will be informed of any alternatives to this arrangement, if applicable, on the day of your Memorial Tree planting.

All inscriptions will be available to be viewed online in an interactive e-Book on Book of Memory. The ‘Books of Remembrance’ are updated on average every 8-12 weeks. These inscriptions are then scanned and uploaded for you to view online in the comfort of your own home.

As ‘Books of Remembrance’ become full the pages will be copied is a special way and then placed in the Archives Department of a local Cathedral in perpetuity to allow family members to trace back generation upon generation the date ,place and species of tree planted.

For help or further confirmation of the location of your inscription please contact the ‘Life for a Life’ office on 016 1 624 2299.

(Please note that the locations of the ‘Books of Remembrance’ for trees planted in our South-West of England Memorial Forests will not change.)

Memorial Keepsake

Memorial Keepsakes


  • Min. Donation (hand-written entry) £20
  • Min. Donation (handwritten entry + photograph of loved one) £30

Purchase Keepsakes

The ‘Life for a Life’ Books of Remembrance are a beautiful and special way to record the planting of a memorial tree. These books are available to view in many peaceful locations around the UK, however, you may wish for a more personal record to keep at home or in another safe place. With this in mind, ‘Life for a Life’ now introduces the ‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Keepsake, a stunning reminder of the day a very special memorial tree was planted in tribute to a cherished member of your family.

Each precious Memorial Keepsake is embossed in gold with the ‘Life for a Life’ emblem and measures 19cm x 13cm (approx). Inside, clients will take pleasure in viewing a beautiful black and white photograph of their chosen planting site. At the heart of the Memorial Keepsake is a copy of the inscription taken from the original book of remembrance. Hand written by our skilled calligrapher in extremely beautiful gothic copper plate handwriting, this makes the Memorial Keepsake an item that will become a family treasure for many years to come.

Memorial Keepsake with handwritten entry. Minimum donation of £20.00.

Also available is the opportunity to include a reproduction of a photograph of your loved one with the Memorial Keepsake as a more personal reminder. The minimum donation stated is inclusive of protective sleeve, postage and packaging Memorial Keepsake with handwritten entry and photograph of your loved one. Minimum donation of £30.00.

For an extra special keepsake we also have our Deluxe Keepsake, a personalised leather book which is a tailor-made keepsake of your loved one. The deluxe keepsake can be a great place to store memories and photographs. For more information of what this can include please contact us. Minimum donation of £95.

(Please note that photographs can be either sent to is via email or hardcopy and will be returned back to you when you receive your memorial keepsake)

Certificate of Plantation

Photo of Certificate


  • Min. Donation £40 inc P&P
  • Additional Copies (Unframed) £2.50 inc. P&P

Purchase Certificates

Copies of the ‘Certificate of Plantation’ are now available to all clients professionally mounted in a solid wood frame, complete with non-reflective glass. This beautiful item is an additional extra at a minimum donation of £40 (Inc. P&P).

Additional copies of the Certificate are also available unframed at a cost of £2.50 inclusive of postage and packaging.

Remembering Grandma or Remembering Grandad Booklet

Remembering Grandma and Remembering Grandad Booklets


  • Min. Donation £5.50
  • Postage & Packaging Included

Purchase Booklets

This lovely illustrated and recently revised publication is now available. The booklet proved to be of enormous help to children that are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. The booklet explains to very young children in a way that they can understand.

Each of the illustrations and the wording has been approved by a qualified Psychologist and Educationalists.

The booklet comes complete with a beautifully designed metal lapel badge 'Friends of the Forests'.

A donation of not less than £5.50 is required for the booklet, which includes postage and packaging.

Interment of Additional Ashes

Once a ‘Life for a Life’ memorial tree has been planted in any of one of the ‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Forests planting sites, additional ashes of any members of the family can be interred at any time.

For this service there is a minimum charitable donation of not less than £75.00 plus the cost of the chosen new plaque.

The plaque will have the names of all the clients’ ashes that have been interred and a new “certificate of plantation” issued indicating the date and names of the deceased whose ashes have been placed under the memorial tree.

Book of Remembrance

View the online interactive 'Book of Memory'.

View Book of Memory

Charities & Support


Regular donations are made to various health related charities throughout the UK.

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In the Community

Life for a Life has donated substantial amounts of income back into the community.

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Environmental Benefits

These trees will develop into a beautiful organised forest that everyone can enjoy.

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