Donating Land to ‘Life for a Life’

Since the first ‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Forest Tree was planted in 1999 on a small piece of derelict land on the north east corner of Oldham that was donated to the Charity the expansion into other locations of the United Kingdom has been quite rapid.

From that humble beginning there are now more than 40 planting sites all of which are generating funds that stay in the towns and cities where the planting sites are situated for the benefit of people that don’t enjoy the best of health. Many of the organisations that benefit are heath related and also include the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and several Hospices some of which are for children under the age of 16.

All of the land that we plant on has been graciously donated by Councils, Water Companies and private land owners who see the benefits of the ‘Life for a Life’ scheme.

On each piece of land the maintenance is picked up by ‘Life for a Life’ this includes the refurbishing of any land that is donated by re-fencing, installation of wheelchair friendly pathways, gates and construction of hard standing car parking. Where applicable a grass cutting regime is also scheduled for each month during the grass cutting season.

‘Life for a Life’ carries all of the required Public & Employee Insurances and each site has a Heath & Safety and Risk Assessment tailored to suit the individual needs.

All trees planted carry a full unconditional guarantee against all damage and we guarantee each tree for 25 years.

‘Life for a Life’ is a registered Environmental Body a long standing member of the Tree Council and has an extensive published accredited Biodiversity policy.

All of these conditions make donating land to the Charity very attractive to any land owner that wishes to help and contribute in safe guarding and improving the environment and making a positive lasting contribution to local communities whilst still retaining the ownership of the land that they donate.

Please contact the Chief Executive Officer on 0161 624 2299, who will welcome a call to further discuss all opportunities and other possibilities making this a ‘Win-Win’ situation.