Friends of the Forest

‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Forests is a truly imaginative and very successful tree planting scheme that is very meaningful to school children of all ages.

Photo of teacher explaining about pinecone to students in a forest

The scheme involves everyone in the school including the staff, the pupils and the families of the pupils.

By invitation from the principal teacher a senior member of the ‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Forests team will visit the school and talk to the children either in assembly or as individual class groups about trees in general and the important part that they play in everyone's life and the environment.

Over the years the Friends of the Forest Scheme for children has proved to be very popular and great pride is taken when the end results in the planting of a 'School' tree. Children love to know about trees. ‘Life for a Life’ encourages all participating schools to raise funds to purchase a 'School Tree'. The Charity greatly assists in the fundraising efforts by way of posters, competitions and prizes.

The school is able to retain any additional monies in the school fund. A free of charge 'Remembering Grandma and Grandad' Booklet will be given to all pupils.

Following the success of the fundraising efforts ‘Life for a Life’ will, with permission from the principal teacher collect some of the school or all of the school with a bus and take pupils to the ‘Life for a Life’ planting site of their choice. A nature walk up to the planting area is conducted. Immediately following the planting of the school tree, everyone in the school, staff and pupils receive a ‘Life for a Life’ Friends of the Forest metal lapel badge.

There are many other advantages to the scheme, which can be fully explained when asked to do so by contacting the ‘Life for a Life’ head office on 0161 624 2299. A senior member of staff will be delighted to visit at any convenient time.

The Friends of the Forest scheme for schools most certainly encourages children of all ages to become 'Environmentally Aware' and hopefully 'Environmentally Friendly' quite rapidly and at a much earlier stage in their development.

What could be more wonderful than children raising charitable funds today for their own school tree and to be able to take their own children and grandchildren to visit in years to come.