Environmental Benefits

Photo of sunlight filtering through some trees

‘Life for a Life’ manages 42 planting sites in the North West of England and 8 in the South West. More sites will be opened as land is donated to the Charity the aim being for every town and city to have a ‘Life for a Life’ Memorial Forest. The Charity from day one has been very conscious and therefore aware of the need to protect and nurture the environment and to this end has adopted a stringent a policy in achieving this aim. For this reason the Charity is Registered by “Entrust” as a Environmental Body and also enjoys full membership of the national “Tree Council”.

The Memorial Trees that are planted have a full heath check before planting together with a full history record and must be at least 2 metres high. All trees are container grown. The four species of trees planted are trees which are indigenous to the United Kingdom and because they are broad leaf they absorb maximum amounts of carbon fallout, year on year and of course produce high levels of oxygen.

All sites have individual management plans which are constantly being reviewed and up dated.

The ‘Life for a Life’ Biodiversity Policy takes into account all of the important good Forestry Management needs such as Coppicing, Felling and Thinning, Clearing of Rhododendron and Laurel, Building of wheelchair friendly footpaths, installation of gates and Fencing and the construction of Bridges.

There are many instances where the Charity has been involved with the refurbishing of derelict land there has been a noticeable increase in wildlife activity. Several planting sites have encouraged Butterflies to flourish and increased the nesting of Birds both airborne and ground nesting species.

‘Life for a Life’ in the pursuit of protecting the environment works closely with various other organisations and developed working relationships with conservation groups and national bodies.

A very important element in our Biodiversity Policy is the emotional concern of clients relating to the Memorial Tree that is planted in memory of their lost loved one should the tree fail. This highly sensitive situation is covered by the extensive unconditional guarantee period applicable to each individual tree of 25 years.

The Charity is responsible for the maintenance of all planting site and has modern well maintained machinery and grounds care equipment.