About Us

What is ‘Life for a Life’?

‘Life for a Life’ is a totally NOT FOR PROFIT, NON-DENOMINATIONAL, registered charity.

The ‘Life for a Life’ scheme involves the planting of a memorial tree or trees, installing memorial benches and memorial plaques to commemorate loved ones. Over time, these trees will develop into a beautiful organised forest that everyone can enjoy.

The scheme has been specifically designed to benefit individuals and families who are grieving over the loss of a loved one, regardless of their age, status or religious beliefs.

The Beauty of ‘Life for a Life’

There are many positive aspects to this scheme including the replacement of negative feelings of pain and loss with uplifting feelings arising from the creation of a new life. At the same time, a positive contribution is made to the environment and community from which everyone can benefit.

Each tree planted has its own memorial plaque bearing a personal sentiment and is recorded as an individual plot number in the ‘Life for a Life’ Book of Remembrance

A Certificate of Plantation is also issued recording the date of planting, the species of tree and the family name. Each memorial tree is fully guaranteed for a minimum period of twenty five years. Moreover, this twenty five year period does not begin until the very last tree has been planted at the relevant site.

Where does the money go?

‘Life for a Life’ is an established charity created to raise funds for Hospitals, Hospices and other Health Care related organisations. The success of the scheme will inevitably lead to a wider distribution of funds to aid many other charities and good causes.

High Profile Patrons

Over the years, many high profile patrons have honoured us by backing our scheme, celebrating major events in their lives and remembering loved ones.

The list includes The late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and Cherie Booth (Blair) QC.